I'm Doug Aberle

I help facilitate change. That can be at a personal level, in your leadership style, or within a Board or Executive team.

Successfully achieving change requires a will to do something different and some personal investment. I find facilitating change works best when the leader or leadership team and I connect well.

An initial conversation will help us to identify if what I have to offer is right for the situation you, or your firm is facing. Please feel free to phone me or complete the contact form and we can talk soon. In the meantime, read through some further information here to understand my approach.

My Approach

Change is both a huge opportunity and an enormous risk for any business. Growth, for example, can be an unknown force that brings with it unexpected outcomes. Skills are tested beyond comfort zones. To succeed, well-developed strategies and an instinctive understanding of the potential of what is emerging, are critical.

 The rate limiting factor for change in any organisation is the capacity of the leadership to adopt change. I will work with you to create a more capable and aware leadership team, a team that is making decisions from a place of vision, and not from a place of fear.

I do not aim to fill the skills gaps that are missing in an organisation, or in an individual I mentor, but I will help you identify them, and fix them.

Whatever the business problem being faced, I teach the leadership team to be calm, curious, compassionate and courageous. These qualities provide an essential framework for creating authentic interpersonal connections with high levels of intellectual and emotional respect.

I have worked extensively in the energy sector and with renewable energy organisations, as well as across all levels of government, with membership organisations, mining, construction and numerous commercial businesses. While those experiences have been broad, I find that the key to successfully bringing about change comes less from intimately understanding a sector and more from understanding the change being sought.