I work with both individuals and couples to help overcome challenges. As an experienced Couples Counsellor I support couples who want to resolve their relationship difficulties and stay together. As a Family Dispute Mediator I work with couples who have unresolvable issues and want to separate.

I also support people experiencing workplace issues such as bullying or conflict and help them develop strategies to navigate a difficult situation or to find their own personal resolution.

My Approach

Dispute resolution can be a complex and a deeply personal experience.

Who we are, what our patterns of behaviour have been, whether those patterns are still useful, what our level of investment is in an issue, all affect our ability to reach a resolution.

I help people to have difficult conversations and make difficult decisions. 

I am interested in how people communicate with each other. I respect each person has their own perspective and that each person deserves to be heard.

My interest is in supporting change and helping people deal with significant times in their life. My skill is in helping them to move on, to make better decisions.

Everyone has difficulties and problems at different times of life.

I am not here to judge but to support and enable change.

Whether through providing personal counselling, mediation for divorce or workplace mediation, my focus is on helping people reach a better place.

Rarely do I provide specific advice on what each person should or should not do, instead I support them to articulate their concerns, to hear the concerns of others, to work out options and to find a pathway out.